Program that rewards clients with access to El Nuevo Día and Primera Hora, every time a client buys in any service company of Grupo Ferré Rangel.



Products Description Points to be accumulated
El Nuevo Día General Ads, Supplements, “Negocios”, “Magacín”, “De Viaje”, “Construcción”, Commercial printing. For every
$50.00 = 1 point
Classifieds, Employments, “Su centro del Ahorro”, “Encuéntralo” For every
$50.00 = 1 point
Inserts at END:
50 + 1
For every
$50.00 = 1 punto
Primera Hora ROP, Supplement, "Hogar y Construccion" For every
$50.00 = 1 point
Inserts PH:
50 + 1
For every
$50.00 = 1 punto
Digital Digital ads For every
$75.00 = 1 point
LinkActiv Services For every
$75.00 = 1 point
Billboards Billboards Digital For every
$75.00 = 1 point


1. Newspapers:

  Days Allowed Block days
and periods
(1/2 of the space
paid by client)
Product Ad Size Required points
for FC ads
Required points
for B&W ads
Required points
for FC ads
Required points
for B&W ads
El Nuevo Día One Page 3,000 3,500 2,000 2,300
Half page vertical or horizontal 1,500 1,900 1,000 1,250
Quarter page 750 950 550 700
END-Magacín /
One Page 3,000 N/A 2,000 N/A
Half page vertical or horizontal 1,500 N/A 1,000 N/A
Primera Hora One Page 1,900 N/A 1,150 N/A
Half page vertical or horizontal 1,000 N/A 650 N/A
Notes: * Only allowed supplements.
  1. On Full color ads, clients just covers the cost of color, space goes against Alcance.
  2. Full color ads are requiered on: Magacín, Supplements*, Primera Hora and Billboards.
  3. Blocks days and periods apply only to “ El Nuevo Día” and “Primera Hora”

2. Inserts:

Newspaper Insert Size Required points
on days allowed
points on
*block days or periods
El Nuevo Día Insert 4 pages 5,000 3,500
Insert 8 pages 7,500 5,000
Insert 12 pages 13,000 8,600
Insert 16 pages 20,000 13,200
Insert 20 pages 25,000 16,500
Primera Hora Insert 4 pages 3,500 2,000
Insert 8 pages 4,500 3,000
Insert 12 pages 10,000 8,500

* Clients pay half of the inserts during block days or periods.

This document has been revised and it’s effective in JULY 2019. This document substitutes any Terms and Conditions of the Alcance’s Program. (Page 1 of 2)

3. In digital you can redeem:

Product Location Position Point Price
Banner regulares GFR network RON 2,500 1,750
Banner agrandados GFR network RON 3,000 2,000
Interscroller / RON 3,500 4,500
ODD banner Home page 3,000 1,250
Centerstage Home page 3,000 2,000
Restrictions that apply to redemptions in digital:
  1. Points cannot be redeemed for hours of programming and/or graphic design.
  2. Advertiser must deliver art ready to publish and implement the technical specifications of weight, sizes and clicks tags "(Refer to:”. Art must be received at least 48 hours from the publication date.
  3. The only ads allowed are standard.
  4. Warrantied impressions for Homepage and channels will be 50,000, in a 30 day period.
  5. The banner will be up for 30 days.
  6. Banners will run ROS.
  7. At client's request, we can provide statistical report of impressions and “clicks”.
  8. Subject to availability and rules of the program.

4. Billboards:

Producto Location required points (Digital) Duration
Dorado Outbound
Expreso De Diego Bo.
(al lado de Merck Building)
1,500 30 days
Mayagüez Outbound
Carr. #2 Km.149
Bo. Algarrobo,
1,500 30 days
Expreso 52 Inbound
Expreso Luis A. Ferré
(CLose to
Monumento La
1,500 30 days
RJ Reynolds Inbound
Carr. 165 Parque
Industrial Amelia
1,000 30 days
Restrictions that apply to redemptions for Billboards:
  1. Advertiser must be deliver art ready to publish and it has to include digital screens required specifications (JPG Format & 72 DPI).
  2. Art must be received at least 48 hours from suggested publication date.
  3. The program applies to digital screens in the specific locations before mention.
  4. Advertising spaces are rotating per locality.
  5. Only two Alcance Program participants will be allowed per rotation.
  6. Subject to availability.
  7. “Billboard” ad has duration of 30 days.

1. It is a requirement to be officially subscribed to the Alcance Program in order to participate. The agency or the client is responsible for such subscription. Accumulation of points will begin the month that we receive the subscription. If the client moves from one agency to another or from agency to a direct client, it is the responsibility of the new agency to notify Alcance in order to continue accumulating.
2. To redeem points is a requirement that the ads come in PDF format. Redemptions will not be approved if the ads come in another format.
3. Requests to redeem points in any newspaper can only be made through the “Redemption form”available in our page, and confirm that with the Alcance Program coordinator.
4. Only two daily redemptions per client will be accepted, each of them in different newspapers (Ex. 1 in END; 1 in PH). On dates or periods blocked, agencies or clients cannot redeem points in El Nuevo Día and Primera Hora, (see rule 23 & 24 for more information).
5. The insertion with color in El Nuevo Día ROP is optional. The cost per additional color will be covered by the client.
6. Insertions in “Magacín” or Supplements and “Primera Hora” are Full Color and the client will only be charge for color.
7. The redemptions will be only in ROP position. El Nuevo Dia can be redeemed at “Mi peq Dia””Magacín and some supplements if they are full color. Not redemptions are allowed in a special or preferential positions, classifieds, business, construction. Insertions ads thru Alcance will not replace client's commitments with the newspaper.
8. Redeemed insertions are subject to newspaper space availability at the moment of insertion.
9. Once the request to redeem points is approved, space will be reserved and scheduled; points will be subtracted from the clients balance points. Even if the ad could not be published because either the art was delivered late or not delivered at all the points will be subtracted.
10. Cancellations of all scheduled insertions will only be accepted one labor day prior to the publication date, before 10am (for END & PH, and has to be made through the Program coordinator. For Regional newspapers, three labor days prior to publication before 10am through the Program coordinator. Points will be subtracted if cancellations are not done within the acceptable time frame.
11. Account Statements of accumulated and redeemed points will be sent every two months.
12. Account Statements may be sent to clients or to their advertising agencies.
13. The last Account Statements will be used for the verification and redemption of points.
14. Account Statements reflect all accumulated points by client, not by agency.
15. At the time to redeem points, all debts to GFR Media, Inc. and their subsidiaries must be up to date. Credit is extremely important. (at least 60 days)
16. Points may not be claimed during blackout periods unless the clients pays half of the ad space. This applies to El Nuevo Día and Primera Hora, only. (Please refer to the Blackout Periods document).
17. Barter deals are not included in the program.
18. The representative or advertising agency will receive an incentive for manage redemption to it's clients.
19. Accumulated points are for the exclusive usage of the client participating in Alcance and are not transferable. The ad must demonstrate that it belongs to the client’s rewarding points, if not, the ad will be billed, and points will be debited.
20. Any claim of the statement must be received in writing on or before 30 days from the date it is received.
21. Only two advertisers per edition will be permitted in Magacín and should be Full Color.
22. Points accumulated during the period of January to December, will expire on July 31 of the next year.
23. Redemptions in El Nuevo Día are only permitted on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays of every week, with the exception of blackout periods. Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays are not allowed. Redemptions on Sundays are only permitted in the magazines mentioned above.
24. Redemptions in Primera Hora are only permitted on Mondays, Wednesdays, Friday, and Saturdays of every week, with the exception of blackout periods. Tuesdays and Thursday are not permitted.
25. Every ad reservation made through Alcance must be received in the exact size. If by any means the ad is received in any other size, the ad will not be published. In its place, the newspaper will publish a fill ad, and points will be debited to the client. If by any chance the newspaper finds space to publish the received ad in other size, the advertiser will assume a penalty of debited points plus a 25% of the ads’ value. Example: ½ page 1,300pts. + 325 penalty = 1,625pts. If the client does not have sufficient points at the moment when the ad is published, the penalty will be applied as soon as the client accumulates debt points.
26. Only 6 redemptions per client will be acepted during may, jun or july of each year. Exceptions are acepted with FC Ads (please consult).
27. GFR Media, Inc. reserves the right to modify the program's regulations at any moment with 30 days prior to notification.
This document has been revised and it’s effective in JULY 2019. This document substitutes any Terms and Conditions of the Alcance’s Program.